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Vishal Patel
11-08-2016 22:56:36

hello guys.....
My IELTS Exam will held on 24 th September.

18-01-2016 11:22:41

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17-01-2016 05:21:45

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15-01-2016 23:23:25

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14-01-2016 17:19:40

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13-01-2016 11:17:05

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12-01-2016 05:17:14

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10-01-2016 23:23:50

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10-01-2016 08:34:35

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09-04-2013 04:04:00

Whether you work as a DJ (disc jockey) on a part-time basis or as a full-time gig, it is wise to come up with some kind of introduction that you can say before you start spinning tunes. Sometimes your DJ introduction is just the thing needed to get the crowd hyped up about a fun night of partying.

22-03-2013 07:10:57

I aced the GRE and my scores were larlgey what got me into grad school, where I floundered for a number of years.  I did eventually get my PhD, but I never felt that my work there matched the perception people might have had from my test scores.I continue to feel that you can learn so much more about a person's potential, areas of interest, approach, flexibility of mind, etc. from a sit-down conversation of fifteen minutes than you can from a page full of test scores.  Even asking for an essay in which applicants sketch out what they would like to accomplish or learn in their grad school years, what problems they foresee, how they imagine themselves using that knowledge or degree, etc. would tell you a whole lot more about how they might fit into a particular program than the GRE   which, I believe, correlates larlgey with only the first year's grades (this is also true of SAT scores).Finland has an interesting exam for medical school applicants: they are asked to read one or two professional articles recently published and write an evaluative essay on the information and its implications for medicine.  Hm.  How about that?  The problem is that you would need to have this read by people in the field, not those paid by the hour to walk in off the streets.  Having worked several summers long ago as a grader for the entrance writing exams at the University of California, I can personally verify that the grading of written exams like this is pretty much like a game of darts played in total darkness.

22-03-2013 07:10:51

Smart thinking - a celevr way of looking at it.

22-03-2013 07:10:50

Meet John   Free Ontario LSAT course prwveies           Is the LSAT a “valid and reliable admission test†? The GRE as a possible substitute for the LSAT

22-03-2013 07:10:48

of an afternoon.†  Much more gnraeel analysis of feedback from learners is available on the Listening for Impact project blog.      Posted in  Content, Listening, Oxford, Ripple, Triton, dissemination, iTunes U,

22-03-2013 06:27:55

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