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TOEFL Preparation Books

Resource for the Latest Material of TOEFL Preparation Books. It contains a large free material of TOEFL Preparation Books along with free preparation material of IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, English Grammar and other English Tests.

TOEFL Preparation Books

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Below is a list of great Elementary English Grammar Books and educational material regarding this subject.

1. Basic English Grammar, Full Text by Betty Schrampfer Azar; Paperback: 480 pages Publisher: Pearson ESL; 2 edition

Now in an all-new second edition, this worktext presents basic structures and vocabulary in a step-by-step building process, along with lots of opportunity for practice through varied exercises. Covers all basic English grammar structures and concepts through clear, concise charts and examples. For beginning-level ESL learners.

2. Basic Grammar in Use With answers, with Audio CD : Self-study Reference and Practice for Students of English (Grammar in Use) by Raymond Murphy; Paperback: 312 pages, Cambridge University Press

Basic Grammar in Use, 2nd edition is a new edition of a highly successful text for high-beginning to low-intermediate students. This text focuses on the fundamental grammar structures normally taught in basic or introductory courses. Each of the 116 units are presented in a two-page spread, with simple, clear explanations on the left-hand page and abundant practice exercises to check understanding on the right. This new edition includes an Audio CD with example sentences, more detailed explanations, more exercises per unit, ten units of new material and a new section of Additional Exercises which give students the opportunity to consolidate what they have learned. An answer key is included. An edition without answers is also available. Basic Grammar in Use can be used as a class text or for self-study. Teachers using a main course book in lower-level classes may wish to assign Basic Grammar in Use as a reference guide so that students can look up grammar points that cause them difficulties.

3. Basic Grammar in Use Student's book : Reference and Practice for Students of English (Grammar in Use) by Raymond Murphy; Paperback: 240 pages Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Designed for high-beginner to low-intermediate level learners, this American English edition of Essential Grammar in Use focuses on the fundamental structures of English grammar normally taught in basic or introductory courses. The easy-to-use layout is inviting to learners: presentation of new structureswith examples appear on the left-hand page, and exercises to check under-standing on the right. Appendices deal with phrasal verbs, spelling and irregular verbs. The contents and index are clearly organised so that teachers and learners can easily find the unit or grammar point they need. There is a separate answer key for individual use and self-study. The key also provides a handy reference for teachers.

4. Basic Grammar in Use Workbook with Answers (Grammar in Use) by William R. Smalzer; Paperback: 182 pages, Cambridge University Press

Grammar in Use is a highly successful two-level grammar series known for its clear explanations and innovative format. Each unit is a two-page spread that presents a specific grammar point on the left-hand page and provides practice exercises on the right. An unique combination of reference grammar and practice, the books in this series can be used as classroom texts or for self-study. The Grammar in Use workbooks provide students with further opportunities to practice difficult grammar points and to consolidate their understanding of related grammar topics, such as different ways of expressing the future. They offer a wide range of activity types that include opportunities to work with grammatical structures in meaningful contexts. The workbooks also include review sections for each group of units in the student books. These groups, such as the Present and Past, Modals, and Articles, are listed in the table of contents of each student book. The Grammar in Use Intermediate and Basic Grammar in Use Workbooks are available with and without answers.

5. Essential Grammar in Use With Answers : A Self-Study Reference and Practice Book for Elementary Students of English by Raymond Murphy; Paperback: 300 pages, Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Essential Grammar in Use is a grammar reference and practice book for elementary learners. Modelled on Raymond Murphy's successful intermediate-level English Grammar in Use, it concentrates on areas of grammar normally taught at elementary level. - Easy to use: on each left-hand page a grammar point is explained and on the facing pages there are exercises to check understanding. - Clear explanations: grammar for elementary learners is explained in simple language. - Accessible: the clear contents list and index of grammatical items make it easy for learners to select the units they need. - Additional exercises: these offer extra practice of key grammar points. - Appendices: these references deal with tenses, irregular verbs, short forms, spelling and phrasal verbs. - Self-study: the book can be used by learners working independently. Answer Key: this contains the answers to all the exercises.

6. Grammar Games: Cognitive, Affective and Drama Activities for EFL Students; Mario Rinvolcri, Paperback.

Grammar Games is a resource book for teachers, containing materials for over 50 games for use in the EFL classroom. Each game practices a particular grammatical item or group of items. Julie Lucas, our ESL expert, loves Grammar Games and recommends it to anyone who wishes to add a little fun to their grammar classes.

7. More Grammar Games Paul Davis, Mario Rinvolucri

Continuing on from Grammar Games, this resource book offers: Over 80 games suitable for students of all ages. Nine sections offering different approaches to grammar practice to suit a range of learning styles, including grammar through movement, cognitive games and competitive games. A wealth of easy-to-use- activities, many with photocopyable worksheets, requiring little preparation. Ideas for using grammar activities at all levels in monolingual and multilingual classroom situations.

8. Primary Grammar Box : Grammar Games and Activities for Younger Learners (Cambridge Copy Collection) 13 February, 2003 Cambridge University Press

Photocopiable resource book features a wealth of new and exciting games and activities for the primary classroom.

9. Fun with Grammar: Communicative Activities for Azar Grammar Series, Teacher's Resource Book by Suzanne W. Woodward; Spiral-bound: 354 pages Publisher: Prentice Hall

This teacher resource book is filled with more than 200 communicative, interactive, task-based grammar games that help make learning grammar fun. All of these grammar activity ideas are keyed to the Azar English Grammar Series, by Betty Schrampfer Azar, and include complete step-by-step instructions for the activities to add a fun new learning dimension to the classroom. For all ESL grammar teachers.
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