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Free Topics of IELTS Speaking Test

Resource for the Latest Material of Free Topics of IELTS Speaking Test. It contains a large free material of Free Topics of IELTS Speaking Test along with free preparation material of IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, English Grammar and other English Tests.

Free Topics of IELTS Speaking Test

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The following are the Possible Questions from the Interviewer of the IELTS Speaking Test :

1. Introduce yourself.

2. Describe your hometown. What is special about it?

3. Compare your hometown with another town.

4. Describe your countryís education system. What is your attitude toward this system? Do you think itís effective?

5. Describe the organization you work for. Where is it? What does it do? What is your job function?

6. Describe the process of taking a job in your country.

7. Compare the role of men and women in your country.

8. What is Brain drain? What are the causes and effects of it?
9. Discuss why you would like to visit a particular country. When are you going to visit it and why?

10. Discuss the factors affecting people to have more or less children in your country.

11. Describe a traditional dish in your country. What are the ingredients?

12. Describe the traditional Architecture of your country. Is there something special about it?

13. Compare traditional houses with modern houses in your country.

14. Discuss why you like a special kind of book, music, sports, or film.

15. Give reasons why the divorce rate has or has not increased in your country.

16. Describe a traditional instrument in your country.

17. Describe an important festival in Iran. When is it? What do people do then?

18. Describe the ethnic mix in your country.

19. Describe a traditional garment in your country.

20. What is your favourite colour? Why? What is the relationship between the colour of clothes and the personality of people? What is the relationship with mood?

21. Describe a historical place in your country. Where is it? What is special about it?

22. Talk about mass media. Newspapers and their attractions for you.

23. Describe a traditional /childrenís/international/card game.

24. Why do people play games?

25. What is your greatest wish/ one of your wishes?

26. What donít you know about your future?

27. Why do people collect things? Do you collect anything?

28. Describe an invention before or after computer. Should the governments support inventors? Why do inventors invent?

29. What is fashion? Do you follow fashion? Why do people follow fashion? How do people in your country follow fashion?

30. What is the process of obtaining a driving license/passport/etc. in your country?

31. Describe one of your photos. Where, when and with whom did you take it?

32. Describe the present situation of Tourism in Pakistan. What is the future of Tourism like in Pakistan?

33. Name a book, film, or a piece of music that you like most and say why.

34. Describe IT or a databank system.

35. Why always women cook and men do not in your country? Which is a better cook, a man or a woman?

36. Compare your time with your parentsí. What is the same and what has changed since then?

37. How has traveling changed since 100 years ago?

38. Describe your best holiday, party, event in your life. When was it, where and why?

39. Talk about the best present you have ever had in your life. When, why and who gave it to you?

40. In what occasions do people give presents in your country?

41. How do you choose a gift for your friends?

42. What do people do in 4 seasons in your country?

43. What do governments do in case of disasters? What should they do?

44. Talk about the most populated area in your country. Where is it? What is its population? Why is it so populated?

45. Describe a competition you have entered. What was your stand?

46. What is the role of public artworks?

47. Describe a city you have visited and impressed you so much. Why was it so impressive?

48. Compare Iranian eating with other countries.

49. Compare a person who has been in a foreign country with someone who hasnít.

50. What is capital punishment? Is it necessary to control crime?

51. What do you think will be the worldís greatest problem in 100 years time?

52. What do you think pastime and hobbies will be in 100 years time?

53. What do you know about the wildlife in your country? Who is responsible for its preservation?

54. What do you know about Global Warming? What is Greenhouse Effect?

55. Shopping: who does the shopping in your home? Do you go shopping?
What have you found difficult in shopping?

56. Describe a child that you know. Who is he/she? Your relation, what does he/she like, and how has he/she influenced you?

57. School pressure on children. Is there any in your country? What can be done if there is?

58. What was the most interesting (impressing) period of time in your life? Describe it.

59. What do you think about children's school age? Advantages or disadvantages?

60. What time are children considered to be adults in your country?
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